What To Expect From Our Service

Dear Trader,

Thank you and congratulations on your decision to trade with ForexSignal.com. We are thrilled to welcome you into our trading family. We have been committed to the trading success of Forex traders all over the world since 1998 and we thank you for the opportunity to show you the potential in our service.

We have prepared  this User Guide so that you can know what to expect and be well equipped to benefit fully from our Forex Signals and Trade Copier.

Trading Criteria

Our team of traders monitor the Forex market daily, Sunday through Friday. We look to  identify profitable Forex trade possibilities.

Over 25 years of experience has taught us much, through some of the toughest financial periods this last century. Our goal is to  hone in on the  B O B (Best of the Best)  trade set ups with the highest probable success rate. We combine historical plus technical data  of  probability  based on our methodology combining technical and fundamental analysis.  technical analysis, and in particular, key pivot levels.

Unlike fully automated robot systems; our trading team also takes into consideration fundamental factors such as impending economic announcements and events.

What to expect from our service

Using selective trading criteria, many of our Forex signals may turn out to be excellent winning trades. On the other hand, as displayed in our performance history on our website, some of our signals may turn out to be break evens or losing trades. Successful trading involves winners and losers, and sometimes even the very best trading opportunities and set ups do not succeed. Unsuccessful trades are a reality of Forex trading.

That means that at times, some of the trades generated will not work out. There may be days where we may have a bad run of unsuccessful signals, but do not lose heart!  When all seems at a loss, we will also be sending you some big winners as well. Do not give up on us if we have a few days of bad trading, because the good run will come!

Remember – we strongly advise new traders to trade initially on a practice account until you are fully familiar and comfortable with how our program works.

Always, our goal is that the winning trades make more pips than what is lost on the losing trades.

Our promise to you

We promise that no matter what the Forex market is doing, our trading team is always working hard to monitor, identify trades and adapt to changes in the Forex market.  Traders around the world enjoy the Forex Signal service, and I hope that you too will continue to enjoy your Forex Signal subscription and see the potential in our service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team is happy to assist you and help you benefit fully from our services.

Happy trading!

ForexSignal.com Trading Team

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